The patches in this collection are all flap shaped patches designed to cover the right pocket flap.  They are classified as "S" patches, i.e. solid or fully embroidered.  These are the standard Order of the Arrow patches designed for uniform wear.  National rules require that these patches contain the Lodge Name and number, an image of the Lodge totem, an arrow, and a Fleur-de-lis and the patch must fit on the dimensions of the flap.  These rules were sometimes loosely followed in the early days, but now  standardization is more closely followed.  For 2-piece flaps, the bottom half is generally shaped like the pocket and is designated as an "X" type.  Two piece patches are shown together here.  To view the S patches, click on the menu at right.  The first box, Patches S1-S2 will lead you sequentially through all patches, or you can jump to any other starting page and browse backwards or forwards.
Fully Embroidered Patches
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