Pie-shaped Patches and Neckerchiefs

P-1.  Brown stripes on throat.

  P-2a.  White Throat; arrow touches lettering.  Red neckerchief piping.

P-2b.  White throat; arrow does not touch lettering. Red piping.

P-2b.  White Throat; arrow does not touch lettering. Black piping.
Vigil Neckerchief from 1960's.
Hand stencilled, no hem.n
Vigil neckerchief Silkscreen.
Current silk-screen.
N2. Designed by Nick Kuhns, 2008.
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The pie-shaped patches were all designed to be affixed to neckerchiefs with red or black piping.
The N-1 neckerchief has been produced by the Lodge for use in the Vigil Ceremony and is presented to Vigil Honor Candidates.  These are produced annually by the Vigil Chairman and, therefore, many variations exist as the examples below show.
"MGM" Indian, hemmed, with Vigil Arrows.