Punch Patterns
With the advent of Swiss Embroidery, the ability to make patches of many colors and stitch types allowed the variety of patches we see today.  Basically, a 6:1 sketch is made of the desired patch indicating color, size, and direction of each stitch.  This is transferred to the machine which then generates the patch.  These patterns are unique and were frequently discarded after use.  Sipp-O museum is lucky to have been able to acquire a number of these for display.  Each pattern is approximately 30" x 12" which would correspond to the 5"x2" pocket flap size.
Scaryodii, F1
Scaroyadii, S6
Scaroyadii A1
1993 Sipp-O - Scaroyadii Merger
Sipp-O 45th Anniversary
Sipp-O 35th Anniversary
Sipp-O 30th Anniversary
Sipp-O 45th Anniversary
Sipp-O 25th Anniversary