National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC)

     The first NOAC was held in 1948 after the merger of the Boy Scouts of America and the Order of the Arrow, conincidentally the same year that Sipp-O Lodge was founded.  Sipp-O members first attended the NOAC in 1952 at Miami University.  Since that time, Sipp-O delegations regularly participate in the semi-annual gathering of Arrowmen from all over the Nation.

   This collection of patches represent the NOAC patch a delegate would have received attending the National Conference.
1948 Souvenir (felt)
1950 - Indiana University
1952 - Miami University
1954 Laramie Wyoming
1958 Lawrence Kansas
1956 Indiana University
1998 Noac Iowa State University
2000 University of Tennessee
2002 Indiana University
1986 Central Michigan University
1988 Colorado State University
1990 Indiana University
1961 Indiana University
1963 University of Illinois
1965 Indiana University
1967 University of Nebraska
1969 Indiana University
1971 University of Illinois
1973 University of California
1975 Miami University
1977 Unversity of Tennessee
1979 Colorado State University
1981 University of Texas
1983 Rutgers University
1992 University of Tennessee
1994 Purdue University
1996 Indiana University
2006 Michigan State University
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