The acquisition of items for the Sipp-O Lodge Museum has been a labor of love from the very beginning.  In five short years, we have been able to accomplish what most people thought impossible -- the accumulation of examples of all of the patches and other items the Lodge has created since its founding in 1948.  This is due in complete measure to the generosity of Sipp-O alumni and members;  virtually all of the items, including those individually valued at several hundred dollars, have been donated to the Lodge.

      Although many have contributed, several deserve special recognition for donations of an outstanding nature:  former Chiefs Tom Borden, Henry Bunting, Greg Clements, and Brandon Holman donated especially difficult to acquire patches and early lodge materials.  Stephen and Richard Wilder were very helpful in filling in some important holes.  Karl Henley donated much of the NOAC material;  Rex Krigbaum was the source of much of the Conclave material.  Steve Moore, Jeff Pickett, and Denver Stufflebeam were instrumental in acquiring the Ranger Bob collection of Scaroyadii memorabilia.   Denver Stufflebeam, Ken Flanagan, Steve Moore and Rick Weber were very helpful in providing materials for a fast start to the collection.

      A very special recognition goes to Doug Krantz, Sr., expert craftsman, for construction of the large cases to house the patch collection for display.