The Museum
      The purpose of this museum is to accumulate a collection of Sipp-O memorabilia for display  at Lodge events.  At the Vigil dinner in 2006, the outgoing Lodge Advisor suggested the Lodge establish a collection of  memorabilia to document the long and colorful history of Sipp-O, 377.   With approval and support from the LEC, this permanent collection was begun and is displayed in several pages here.  Although the obvious items of interest are Lodge issued flaps and patches, we are interested in all sorts of Sipp-O and Scaryodii memorabilia including programs of events and other items bearing the Lodge name, number, and totem (Conclave patches and programs, for example)
Virtually all of the items currently in the museum have been donated by Sipp-O members and alumni although the lodge does maintain a fund of donations for acquisition of needed items and supplies.   All images on these pages are scans or photographs of the actual items in the museum collection.

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Scaroyadii Lodge
Miscellaneous items
Punch Patterns
Council/Lodge history